Interested in audiobook prep for narration?

Audiobook Prep 101 by Marilla Wex

New Audiobook Prep 101 course in development!

Multi-award-winning voice actor Marilla Wex has voiced 7 audiobooks in the last 12 months – both fiction and non-fiction – and gets asked all the time: “How do you prep the text?”

So now she’s developing a course to show you exactly how she gets ready to record each book.

What questions do you have around audiobook prep? Go to the contact page and help Marilla shape the course to fit your needs.

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This course is being designed to help you make the process of prepping and recording an audiobook go as smoothly as possible so that you can get the most bang-for-buck out of your Per Finished Hour rate. Don’t know what that means? Sign up and learn all about it!

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