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Voice Work From Home

“I have never had so much fun learning. Now I am actually getting results. In short Voice Work From Home was the best investment I could have started with to jumpstart my voice career.”


How would it feel to…

jack in your Joe job and work from the comfort of your own home?

not rely on agents, passively waiting for jobs to fall from the sky?

set your own schedule and literally be there when your family needs you?

Seriously though - it's time to stop


  • feeling like you have no control over your career.

  • spending countless hours doing something you don’t enjoy.

  • waiting for your agent to send you auditions.

All you really need

is a brutally honest overview designed specifically for you – the working actor or aspiring voice actor.

But drowning in random Google searches and going down endless YouTube rabbit holes won’t get you there.

Right now there’s a blueprint waiting for you…

That will show you exactly what’s involved. So you can move forward and establish your career path. Once and for all.

Here’s the good news:

Voice over is a $4.4 Billion Global Business.

Clients use freelancers for 60% of their projects.

Advertisers are looking for “real” people more than ever. Because celebrity voices are not in vogue.

Here’s the bad news:

You have absolutely no idea where to start.

And the idea of having to learn about equipment and software is utterly overwhelming and intimidating.

Worst of all you haven’t a clue where you would find work.

The nightmare ends now.

Meet your instructor

Marilla Wex Is Voice Work From Home For You

Hi – I’m Marilla Wex.

Since 1994 I’ve worked as a voice actor in every genre you can think of. You name it – I’ve done it. Multiple times.

In 2017 I built my recording booth and within a year was earning six figures from my home-based voice over business.

I have two degrees in performance and acting from Bristol University and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Marilla Wex

Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds, dollars and euros taking training internationally on everything from vocal strength to microphone technique to sound treatment to multiple recording softwares to voice acting for different genres.

But nowhere was there an online course to show me exactly how to build a voice over business from home.

Because other courses assume you’ve already decided you want to work as a voice actor from home but they don’t show you what that involves from start to finish so you can decide if it’s for you.

Marilla Wex Voice Work From Home

I’ve already taken over 150 students with a 50/50 mix of working actors and non-actors through this course to make sure it does exactly what it’s supposed to: give you a brutally honest overview of how to create a successful voice over business from home. Then you can decide if you want to take it further.

“Since becoming a parent, I started thinking more and more about trying to do voice overs from home, but had no idea where to even begin. Then I met Marilla and took her fantastic course. Now I have a better idea of what I need to do and a plan on how to move forward. So I can’t recommend this course enough!”


What's included...

A welcome video explaining how to get the most out of the course and six separate modules on these topics:

Module 1 - Take a Class

Stop guessing and finally discover which genres might suit your voice (even if you’ve never been behind a microphone before).

Module 2 - Build Your Booth

Don’t waste hours trying to reinvent the wheel – create the best recording booth in your home to fit your space and budget perfectly (even if you’re a total technophobe).

Module 3 - Where to Find Work

Save weeks and months of research – get work and start earning money from your booth (even if you don’t have an agent).

Module 4 - Voice Demos

Avoid the overwhelm and learn exactly which demos you’ll need, when you’ll need them, and how to get them made (even when you’re on a tight budget).

Module 5 - What to Charge

Never undersell yourself or the industry as a whole – here’s your guide on how to get paid top dollar (even on your very first job).

Module 6 - How to Bulletproof Your Business

Learn how to beat out the 82% who dump out of the industry in their first year because they don’t have an action plan. Grow your skills and your bottom line (even in a recession).

Private Facebook Group

for support and questions on your voice over journey.

Voice Work From Home Community Group

Regular Live Q & A Sessions

Ask me anything! (within reason…)

Voice Work From Home Community Group

Lifetime Access to the Course

Complete each module’s action steps in your own time.

But don't just take my word for it....

...hear what my students have to say.
Voice Work From Home

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Only $197 USD or 4 easy payments of $62.
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“This course is simply great. Because Marilla gives you concise and useful information. So I  learned a lot and left with the information I needed to get into voice work. I really wish more courses were done her way.”


On the fence?

Is it worth it?

$197 to show you exactly how to build your voice work from home business from the ground up with no previous experience? You bet it’s worth it!

Will it answer all of my questions?

Absolutely! And if you have one that hasn’t been asked you can drop it into the Private Facebook Group where me and a bunch of other veteran voice artists can help you within minutes.

Will I be able to start right away after I’ve taken the course?

Yes – all the resources you need are available immediately once your payment has been processed.

You've got two options:

Option 1: waste hours, days and weeks researching what you think is involved and hope you’re on the right track while you slog away in your soul-sucking Joe job.

Option 2: learn exactly how to build a recording booth that fits your space and situation,  where you can find work as a freelance voice artist and what constitutes fair rates so you know what to charge without undercutting the industry.

Option 2 it is!

This is your last chance to buy.
Voice Work From Home

Join the next cohort of Voice Work From Home


Only $197 USD or 4 easy payments of $62.
Click one of the buttons below and join us!

Can't wait to meet you!

Cheerio and all the best


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